Grewus Network
Leveraging synergies
Grewusrewus believes in growing together and in team work. We work alongside partner organizations to ensure that our acoustic products are a true success. Our partners share our values and sense of commitment towards our customers.

Sensorit GmbH
Sensorit GmbH is an internationally focused company specialized on developing and designing electronic components based on sensor technology. Products include LED emergency lighting systems and compact devices for the prevention of mould in indoor rooms.
Grewus Network - INFINITUS Trading
INFINITUS Trading stands for an international supply chain and for customer orientation without any compromise. The innovative, often patented, products are designed to solve problems in the automotive aftermarket and in building technology.
Sensomotive Co. Ltd.
Sensomotive Co. Ltd is a specialized sourcing resource for high-tech products including accessories for mobile telecommunication and GPS trackers. The company is based in Hong Kong and focuses on the South China region.
Mohr Automotive
The core competence of Mohr Automotive is resident engineering and product-management. If you need assistance to enter the automobile OEM market, start here:
TRENDSETTER Solutions Ltd.
TRENDSETTER Solutions Ltd. is a highly specialised consultancy company. The core business is assisting Indian manufacturers in the automotive industry to enter the European marketplace. Consultancy services rendered include product management, marketing and sales.
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