Special Products
Veryery often our components are part of complete modules or sub-assemblies. As a value-added cost reduction activity, we offer the service of complete module production. From design to mass production, we provide a wide range of supporting tasks to the manufacturing industry:

  • rapid prototyping of plastic parts within 1 week after confirmation of CAD drawing
  • 3D drawing
  • State-of-the-Art Developments
  • Transfer to production after design
  • Adapt existing designs and processes
  • Define and program test procedures
  • Labeling, printing and customizing product and outer packaging In co-operation with our engineering department in the BESTAR Technology Center, the combined strength of Sino-German capabilities can offer superb results.
Just send us your RFQ along with an NDA and we will move your project forward.

Our range of Modules


SIRENS (FIRE & SECURITY) MODULESThe GREWUS range of products also covers a highly competitive selection of alarm devices for Fire and Security applications. Different versions of Sirens, Bells and Beacons are available. There are also “Smart” combination developments. Several series are VdS certified acc. to DIN EN 54.3. The ”G-FIRE” Fire Alarm Siren is a sophisticated siren for demanding customers. The updated design features “Guaranty Easy Mounting”. There is a selection of base modules which offer the right choice for either IP54 or IP65 applications. Fast, easy and reliable is the pre-condition for success. For the more cost sensitive market segment GREWUS presents “G-STAR”, a VdS approved multi-tone sounder. Sirens are available in either red or white color. Flashers and optical alarms offer all market relevant housing colors.
Click on product part for data sheet of our SIRENS (FIRE & SECURITY) MODULES


GREWUS offers a full range of electro-mechanical car and motorcycle horns for OEM and Aftermarket applications:
  • Disc horns
  • Trumpet horns
  • NEW: fully electronic horn with more than 1.000.000 cycles (!) under development
All horns are approved acc. to: 70/388/EEC and ECE R-28.


RECEIVER, TRANSDUCER & MICROPHONESOur receiver are mainly used in telecommunication handsets. Small and micro-sizes find applications in mobile- and cell- phones. Smallest size in combination with a very high degree of efficiency is the standard requirement. For easy mounting during mass production processes, several different designs are available: Click and Fit, Spring Contact, Solder Leads, etc.
Our highly efficient transducer are designed and produced for use in Fire and Security Sirens, Flashers and other Indicators like smoke- and heat- detectors. Up to 32 different tones with high SPL can be created within a single unit. So the utilization in warning audio applications is nearly unlimited.
Our range of electret microphones covers the standard applications of capacitor microphones. All standard sizes are available. The tolerance range can be adjusted by selection according to customer requirements.
Series Specifications  
R = Receiver
H = With housing Diameter and impedance C = Connector
O = Without housing P = Pin
W = Wire
L= Solder pad
F = Spring
T = Transducer Diameter and impedance P = Pin
W = Wire
M = Microphones Diameter and sensitivity P = Pulse
P = Pin
SL = solder less
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